Friday, October 15, 2010

More Slo Ride, continued.....

I would have liked to post about the overnighter Doug and I took last weekend, but Blogger had some kind of problem that prevented me from posting pics.  It was a most excellent adventure that was most awesomely set up by Chris of 
The route he chose was beeeeautiful with fine roads and good weather it was almost perfect.  We couldn't meet up with the clan on Friday when they all left from Santa Monica so we rode out there Saturday with Doug on his mighty Sporty and me on my Blue Yammy bagger.  We had a couple misshaps on the way with the Sporty but that was to be expected and that's why they call it a shake down run.  We made it all the way to the bike show and then off to Pismo where about a half mile from the campsite the Sporty gave up the ghost and busted the shifter shaft, sticking the bike in first gear...Ain't that about a bitch!!!
Out of time so that all for now.......If you can make this trip next year I would.....
Okay I'm back after work, had my nap, checked out my fellow bloggers shit and now will post my shit.  In case you didn't notice the shifter situation above, that's Doug's Sporty. The first thing you would say is that it stripped the splines on the lever but "oh contrar", something inside is fucked.  Haven't had time or energy to rip it apart yet and I can't find my damn Sporty book so I have no idea what's up with that! If you have any guesses before I take it apart, post it here and you can show your Ironhead expertise. Fucking thing is leaking at the case split too. I don't wanna split those cases, I don't, I don't , I dont.

Here is what we went up there to see, besides all the cool Kats from bloggerland and the JJ or wherever they all came from.  These are shots from the San Luis Abisbo Antique motorcycle show. I also got a video of them starting up "the worlds fastest Indian" Right place right time.  We didn't get there until about three in the afternonn so about half the bikes were already gone and none of our group were there. So we looked around, took these pics and headed for Pismo.

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