Monday, September 6, 2010

Old Gold after party in Ventura

Freak out the square's indeed

Cole Fosters rig
Pretty lady selling raffle tickets for all the stuff on the table there...

Awesome flake on the roof of this longtop 58 Ford

Just right....little low though, watch those potholes

More Slimmage, on the world famous Indian

The place was packed, a good time had by all

Imagine this chick in some 5" spike heels....she'd be like 6.6, a real attention getter

The gang was all there and plenty good time was had by all.  If you missed it you missed our, taco's, dogs, customs, choppers, dames, pickemups, nice shit in the showroom At OldGold...thanks a million you guys for throwing this shindig! See you next year, maybe I can get on the "friends" list.
   I am downloading all my pics of Photobucket as I'm typinf this, be back later with a link. Laterdaze

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