Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fun @ Clarke and Rondi's...

The cast of characters, top left, Slim, next to him Jeremy(NOT the kid in the yard) bottom left the Clarkster and his better half the unsinkable Rondi.  We all gathered to finish all the fabrication on this here Nighthawk 450.  All Fab work, seat pan, rear fender, taglight and license plate mount, peg mounts, tank mount, 21" front wheel , fake oil bag for electrics, trick headlight mount,etc etc.  I stripped it of it rediculas 25 extra ground wires and any others that aren't needed. Jeremy is Slims sidekick assistant while Clarke is the director of operations.  Rondi is the pizza rangler, parts chaser and the one who really knows what's going on.

We did get in running down the street and it has a wonderful sound.  Even though my wiring job didn't turn the motor off once it started, everything else went as planned, other than the slippery clutch.  Now it's all Clarke and Rondi's job to make it all pretty. It's gonna be a really cool little weapon.!

these are the bikes Clark and Rondi have in the arsenal, A late model twinky with the Clark/Slim treatment. A early 60's 250 BSA hartailed by Slim besides other stuff, Rondi paint.  The Yammy 650belonging to Chris and is for sale, another testament to the Clark and Slim combo.  Clare's Sporty was under the cover but I have pics of it somewhere.

Here it is! Anyhow, a good time was had by all in spite of the over 100 degree temps. Must have drank a gallon of what, a bevy of sodas and a couple cervesas.  Stay tuned for more on that Honda and I'll be getting busy doing floorboards on Doug;s Sporty. Some time in the next couple weeks I'll have Victors Panhead over here too...busy busy busy

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