Saturday, August 21, 2010

125 CC 140 mph, check it out!

Name: Nick Rock

Age: 49

Home: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Prop-maker for the film industry

Everyday ride: Honda RC 51

Race Vehicle: Motorcycle Streamliner the Nebulous Theorem IV

Vehicle Owner/Designer/Builder: Jack Costella

Club Affiliation: Eliminators

Entry-name: Costella-Rock #5050

Race class: S-G / S-F 125cc and S-G / S-F 250cc

Crew: Nova, Ed Burke, Rick Carmody, Steve Burnes and Kristine Compton

Nick’s first visit to El Mirage was in 2005 when he was asked to help crew the Nebulous Theorem IV. One visit to the dry lakebed and he was hooked. By the end of the ‘05 season, Nick was itching to run the Nebulous down the course. Standing a slim 5’9” tall, he’s the perfect size to fit the extremely tight riding space.

Opening weekend of ‘06 had Nebulous owner Jack Costella setting a new record and then turning the controls over to Nick to make a required rookie run. Rock has been the pilot ever since. He went on to set records at El Mirage in June, July, Sept. and one at Bonneville Speedweek.

Running with a new Swedetech engine, ‘07 finds them moving from the 125cc class up to 250cc class. The first race at El Mirage brought another record to the Nebulous IV team in the 250cc S-G class at 144.568... and an exciting ride at the end. When the chute was deployed at the finish line, it caught a crosswind and lifted the rear-end of the Nebulous IV pulling it sideways. Traveling well over one-hundred mph Nick clearly recalls four distinct ‘hops’ before it was under control. He credit’s the design of the race vehicle from stopping a roll-over and downplays his skills in keeping it level.

Look for them at El Mirage and particularly at Bonneville Speedweek. They’ll be joining stiff competition on the salt while chasing records set back in ‘72 and ‘73 by veteran landspeed racer Don Vesco.

How dedicated is Nick to the sport? He’s selling his prized Shovelhead to help cover expenses. Now that’s what ya call addicted! ( if interested in the Shovelhead e-mail

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