Saturday, May 15, 2010

Remembering Bill Gardner

That's Gardner on the right, who knows who the guy on the left is????

Bad ass turbo Kaw, I almost traded an E type Jag for one of these bikes. It was a blue one with a rack of chrome carbs.  Went to the dudes house, rode the bike, left the jag for him to test drive.  Fucking Jag wouldn't start and was bleeding antifreeze in his drive way.  Kind os queered the deal, bitchen bike though.  Notice the frame has a bolt in cradle! How cool is that?

Here's the same bike later without turbo.  I'm sure that thing was quite a hand full when it got up on boost.

It's a beeautiful thing

here's a hint, the guy on the left up top, he's the painter/pinstriper.  Also was known for a fella by the name of Jock E Shift....

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