Sunday, April 19, 2009

Restyled Kwak not ready in time for the Bash

Didn't get the Kwak chop ready in time to take to the Bash but my buddy Doug and I rode our dressers up there. We left Thursday morning to go to Kutty Notebooms Hippykiller Hoedown. We first stopped off at Slims of to meetup with a bunch of like minded people who were all going to Kutty's. This trip was not without its breakdowns and catastrophes but we all eventually got there. There was plenty of beer, bikes and bands to keep us entertained. As night came down it got as cold as a witches tit and lots of guys were outdoors for the night.
There was bikes rounding the flat track behind kutty's till 1 O'clock in the fucking morning and drunkards carrying on all night. When morning came we all packed up and headed for breakfast or repairing our bikes before we made the trip to the lake.
The campgrounds were really nice and more then enough room was available for everyone to have a decent place to be. There were effers from all over the damn place.
my buddy Doug wound up having AAA take his bike home with a failed Dyna ignition and I pulled our Saturday about 5:30. Home by 7:30 I hit the sack for about 3 hours, man I was beat up. I can't remember the last time I slept in my clothes and didn't change the whole next day.
A good time was had by all and there are many people to thank, mostly Kutty for opening his home to a bunch of lowlife biker types and Biltwell for throwing this shindig. Hopefully this will become a yearly deal and we will all meet again.

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