Thursday, April 23, 2009

Finally finished the Airgirder Kwak

I tried to get her ready for the Bash but there was a point, when I felt like I was under the gun, that it stopped being fun. I thought to myself (Self) didn't you say you weren't going to do this if it stopped being fun? Well yes, yes I did. So I called my buddy with the trailer who was tring to get everything together to tow our two bikes out there and told him....fuck it, this is sposed to be fun so I say lets just get on our baggers (I have a Venture and he a Goldwing) and ride out there with all our camping shit.
He said he would get even with me for putting him through all that and that, yes, it would be more fun to ride out. So that's what we did where a good time was had by all and we had a thanksgiving dinner that couldn't be beat, whoops! that's a different story.
So anyhow, the damn thing is about as done as I'm going to make it. After talking to enough painters who have had bad luck painting nylon gas tanks, I figured I wouldn't chance 300 bucks worth of HOK and 20 hours labor to have my paint bubble and peel. I sure as hell wasn't going to drag all my painting paraphanalia to paint a tiny fender and a couple little side covers. So it's got the spray bomb, rattlecan, bondless quicky treatment.
Of course it has a dead battery and empty gas tank so taking her for a spin will have to wait till tomorrow. There will be some small details to sort out like any new build but I'm tired of this thing and ready to move on to a new build. So below you will see some pics of the build and the finished bike.

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