Friday, October 18, 2013

My Long Bike is coming along

Well here it is...My longbike Sportster That I'm building with a lot of assistance from my brother from another mother, Gavin Cranford, better known to most of you as Slim of Slims Fab Farm fame.  He spent almost an entire day making that form fitting oil tank with a cap he spun up in the lathe and a built in filter. We were going to do a Crazy Frank type fender situation but when I slapped that Fat Bob fender on there it just looked perfect, So I have to find a decent old stock fat bob fender if anyone has one. We had planned to get the tank made but it took so long to get the oil bag done we didn't have time (only because people hanging around and flap'n their jib really slows down Slims process) Anywho, if you look close you can see the wire we used to create the shape of the tank to come. The tank will be welded (tigged) directly to the frame and be completely hand formed by Slim. He had this old Denvers springer laying around so we shoved it in the neck just to have some way of rolling the thing around and VOILA! it magically became a chopper. I was going run a super skinny 17" on the front but that 21 with 15 on the back looks just right. So now I also am shopping for a nice spool 21 and also a panhead swing arm so I can run some longer shocks and get a smoother ride. It will wind up with a sissy about as tall as the neck and a queen and king seat with good back support. So that's my idea of a real chopper, there will be plenty more tricks along the way. I took a shit load of pics and video of the process and will be coming out with another production of "Burning Metal With Slim" soon so stay tuned. Between my shit and Dougs shit there should be quite a bit of action on the Ol' blog. Wait till you see the front end we're going to make for this deal. like nothing anyone has ever seen! Laterdaze  

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