Monday, June 17, 2013

Installing Doug's motor today

Well....I finally got the fucking motor put in to Doug's bike, but that just the beginning of the story.  Did you ever try to find a 3/8 24 x 5.50 bolt? That took half the damn day finally found at the  aircraft surplus store in Burbank.  Then back to the shop  just to find that the double throw me down ultra bad ass motor mount that was suggested by Barry the motor builder relocated the fucking motor a 1/2" forward and misaligned all the front mount holes.  So run a drill through all the frame holes to get the bolts to go through, modify the factory spacers , oh yeah, strip out one of the fucking nuts and make a new skinny mutherfucker, then we finally get it all buttoned up.
So I'm pretty happy with myself thinking I was gonna get a whole lot more done tonight....right? WRONG!!!
Turns out we're missing a bunch of handcrafted, one of a kind, chrome plated parts. Things that hold stuff like the battery box, oil tank, ignition switch house yada yada yada....So now we're kinda fucked and getting to the BORN FREE show on time is looking unlikely.  Not a HAPPY CAMPER

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