Thursday, April 4, 2013

A monologue I wrote in 1994 about L.A.

This a piece I wrote in 1994 and my first ever dramatic reading on video for the world to see. I'm much better now.  There will be more of these kinds of things to come, I'm really dig'n this whole acting thing.  Comments welcomed!


  1. That's nine minutes that I'll gladly surrender again . . . enjoyed it mate, I've booked a ticket and a shrink, on my way to be an individual in the City of Angels. Let us know when you do another one.

  2. Thanks Pal, I've got myself into this group of actors and we are doing these sort of things and other shorts. Shooting one tomorrow in fact at my buddy's Hot Rod shop in Valencia. It will be up here when it's in can(Like that "business lingo?") So far seems to be a positive response. I'd appreciate if you share it around here and there.