Monday, February 4, 2013

Rest in Peace MAX........

This is my goddam buddy MAX, He has been my constant companion for several years! He was my cuddle buddy and say with me when I was watching TV and would snuggle up with me when I went to bed. He just loved me and I loved him back just as much. He was the best kitty anybody could ever want and he gave me endless pleasure and friendship. I have had many cats in my life but he was the best there ever was.
He had feline AIDS and today it took him from us, we took hime to the Vet and it was apparent that the only alternative to end his suffering was to put him down.......
We held him as he drifted off to the big sleep and he was a very very good boy to the very end. We, of course, are devastated,
Rest in Peace MAX
I hope you find a better existence in the great unknown...
You are the best there is!


  1. :( sorry for your loss. rest now little one.