Monday, January 7, 2013

First Event for 2013, help a guy out in Ventura

 I haven't had much to post about my garage antics of late.  To top it off I can't find my stupid camera....AGAIN! But things will be picking up pretty soon, Doug's sporty motor will be done any minute and I'll be getting serious about getting that mudda fucker put all together so we can have it for HIPPYKILLER in April.
    In the mean time I'll post events as I find out about them and still be posting pin-ups and Beautiful parts like I have been for the last few years.  If anybody has suggestions for how I might get my follower count up please let me know. If I can get this thing popular enough I would like to start selling parts and stuff.
    Been thinking real hard about casting some parts, it looks like a lot of dangerous type fun and another way to apply my artistic values.  
     2013 should be a real good year. If you have any projects or hot rods or whatever you would like to see in this space shoot me an email with your stuff at

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