Saturday, December 1, 2012

Doug's motor, She's a pretty one

Sorry for the shitty phone pics but I forgot my camera. This is Doug's Sporty motor well under way. Turns out just about everything in this motor was fucked.  So I guess the moral of the story is , people may rebuild things but that don't mean they are right.  
Here's the short list of what was found wrong in here, thrust washers on the rods were waaaay to tight, it had been honed to two different sizes, which probably led to the bad vibrations this thing had. All the thrust washers on the cams were so tight that it was about ready to spit them out which would have put an even bigger hurt on this motor than it had.
Basically there wasn't a good clearance in it and if we hadn't tore it down for the balance job it probably would have self destructed in a big way.'s got all new internals, including crank pin, rods, pistons, bearing etc etc.  It's been balanced within a 1/10th ounce and the heads are completely fresh. This put a big damper on how the money was spent on the rest of the bike but this thing is gonna run like a champ for many years to come.
Also found out today that the rear motor mount that bolts on when you seal the cases, is cracked, probably due to the bad vibes this motor was making. 
That should be the last of the surprises we find in this thing and with it's beautifully powdered covers and heads and barrels she a real looker. I can't wait to put this thing in our roller.
Stay tuned...

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