Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Getting ready for Born Free...and a redhead

 I know it's been a while since my last update but I've been busy round here.  I can't work the way I used to with my back being the way it is but I'm making some great strides in getting Doug's "Snowster "ready for Born Free. Lately it's been all about Bondo and primer. I got the paint color matched down the street and picked up all the other crap I needed to get the job done.  The tank made by Slim for Doug's bike has a lot of curves and a shit load of welds. Although all the welding was most excellent, Slim himself warned that I shouldn't do a lot of grinding, so I knocked down the real high stuff and slathered the rest with filler. here's a few pics...

The dark color is etching primer, that's the shit that makes everything else stick top the bare metal.

Took me three days to get this tank to look like this, bondo, sanding, bondo, sanding, bondo, sanding.....high build primer, sanding, prime, sand, prime, sand, you get the picture.

Here's a couple pics of what I started with in case you haven't been following the build up.  This actually started out as an FXR aftermarket fatbob tank. Many cudo's to Slim for making exactly the tank I wanted for this build.
Today we actually got down with some color on these bad boys. This was the first time I shot water base and I was more than a little concerned with how it was going to go. We are shooting this real light sandy color and I was concerned with getting enough coverage. This shit comes ready to shoot out of the can and air dries pretty damn quick, it ain't cheap either at 104 bucks a quart.  But it layed down real nice with my Sata Jet and never threatened to sag even when shot real wet.  It does have a tricky way of changing colors on you as it dries and made me think I didn't have enough paint on the piece, but I finally figured that part out and it all came out real nice.

Next I mask off the next color, black with a little Murono pearl, then it goes to Itchy for some of his amazing leaf work and pinstiping before I shoot about a dozen coats of RM's finest clear.  Dis shit gonna be BAD!!!

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