Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Hello out there in Chopper Ville. It has been some time since my last post but there has been a lot going on. Not that I haven't been lapse in my responsibilities to the blogosphere, but there are some things more important than my PC.  
It's gonna start getting real busy around here, I have a lot of irons in the proverbial fire and I intend to share it all with you, my loyal followers.  
Hopefully before BORN FREE I will have my bff Doug's bike up and running, including all the chrome and polish and all the painting and striping. That's a lot to accomplish by itself but I also have to repair my blown up turbo KZ, repaint my Freakshow so I can get her sold and begin construction of the last hurrah...My crazy 40" upstetched to hell , completely molded Ironhead!!!
So stick around and you'll see a lot of updates to these and other projects.

On another note, last weekend I took a trip over to Slim's Fab Pharm and took him Dougs parts to go to the chrome shop. He has someone doing his plating now where he gets great rates, but it's a secret...shhhhhhhh.
He also has this awesome polisher kat who gets the fucking job done.

A Man and his Fab Pharm, the other worldly almost famous Slim!!!

Here is the some of the work he was doing the day I was there. That's a rubber mount Sporty with one of Slim's custom hardtails, fender mounts, oil tank. He puts a nice nitch in the top of the bag to hold all those nasty electrics. Yet to come are the sissy bar, battery box, seat mount and other stuff.

This is my motor for my long bike project coming up. Notice these cases in comparison to the ones done by Slim's polisher guy below.

2 more Slim productions, that's an XS with one of Slim's one off springers and hand made frames. Notice the trick pipes and the 2x1 intake manifold. Slim don't fuck around.

Here the kind of bike he was known for, this one has an RD 350 motor in it called Dirtnap.

Dougies parts before chrome

Just so you know, the cam cover is actually chromed! The polish quality is so good you can hardly tell the difference. OOOOOOHHHH  AAAAAHHH !!!!

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