Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Those New York Jokers build bikes for people who know nothing about bikes or fabrication. With the machinery they have at their disposal they should be able to conjur up something a lot more esthetically pleasing and crafty than the stuff they have been building pays the bills by using those signboards on wheels to draw attention from people who don't know what they are looking at. If there are any bike builders out there that believe these guys are anything other than bolt together mechanics I will be surprised. To give credit where it's due, the kat doing all the sheet metal work at occ knows what's up and I'm sure the only reason he is there is because the money is too good to leave. I also have to admit the stuff junior has come up with lately shows a lot more craftsman ship and taste, he might be a real bad ass some day. He should ask Jesse if he can apprentice for him for a few years. I'm sure in any private conversations they are totally aware of Jesses' contribution and the giant imprint he made on the biker community. If you are new to bikes or just watch the stupid show then your oppinions are meaningless. No matter who "wins" on tv, Jesse's shit will be the real deal and the lacking competition should try to learn a few things about an artist doing what he does best. I for one am very excited to see Jesse back in the shop and doing what gave him the biggest name in bikes since Arlen Ness.

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