Thursday, February 24, 2011

Victors Panhead update......$#@^(*&%^(&(brass screw

Got some shit taken care of on Victors pan today, also had me a little hissy fit and threw a screwdriver across the shop.  Haven't done that sort of thing for a long time but when that little fuck'n brass screw broke off in that SandS Carby, at the same time I was getting extremely frustrated with this Victor supplied internal throttle....Well I just had to throw that damned screwdriver and walk away for the day.

Here is the culprit, the bringer of my dissolution, the harbinger of my undoing!  I don't know who the maker of this thing is but I could have strangled them today. These are the pieces and in order to put the cable into it, it has to be dissassembled to this extreme.  Now....if your muthafuck'n cable is not the proper length, you have to take it all completely apart AGAIN!  To make a long story short I had to do this procedure several times. See those two little screw looking things in the upper right corner with the removal tools stuck in them? Those are actually the bearings the grip turns against and they indeed do have little tiny teeny ALLENS that hold them in.  After a couple removals and tightenings those just strip out and I wound up having to beat tools that otherwise would not have fit in them, into them so that I could remove them. I would go on about how I would have designed these things but I will spare you that and just say that by the time I figured out how to measure the cable to the proper length, well I needed to tighten the screw that held the cable on the carb side.  That's when I broke the last straw and busted the screw in the hole............ARGH!!!

 Finally mounted the fender aqnd sissy bar for the last time and got the wheel spacing all put proper.  The oil tank mount is done and I made an adjustable link for the rear brake from parts I got at the aircraft surplus and mounted it real swell like!
   I still need to fabricate an upper motor mount, a coil mount and a ignition switch mount.  Victor's bringing me some double throw me down super small battery that I will need to mount and then it's just wiring, oil lines, brake lines and fuel lines.  Getting close Victor....Oh Yeah, I'm making one of my custom hand build tail lights as well as a tag mount.  Back at it tomorrow.  It would go a lot faster if I didn't have to take a break every half hour for my stupid back. This whole getting old thing kinda sucks ass....I'm not complaining though, better than the alternative....Laterdaze

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