Sunday, November 7, 2010

SEMA...over 500 pics

But before we get to that, we are going to take a look at the night before. I went to Slim's to spend the night and get an early start the next day. While there I took a few shots of some of the bikes he got going together before my battery ran out.  That seems to be a reoccuring theme, the whole battery thing, seems it always runs out when I'm in the middle of somethiong good. Anyhow, enjoy...
This is an XS he just finished up for a customer. They said they wanted extra skinny and that's what they got. You'll be seeing more of this bike real soon over on indocycle. here's some more shots of Slim's work.

ultra skinny fuel tank with sight gage                                      hand made foot controls, sleeeek!
Hand rolled magaphone with custom tip, bitchen fender bracket, seat pan, brake linkage, shifter and foot clutch, also notice the hand made oil bag that's gonna house the electrics.

Cute little headlight mount and super skinny bars with internal said you wanted skinny!

Bitchen ass pipes on this Sporty, this bike is going to be way fuck'n cool when done.

Someone is gonna be riding these bars to the Slab City Riot 2, Slim got them done in time while we were standing there and shipped them off.  If you are at Slab them maybe you have seen these.

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