Wednesday, January 20, 2010

This is Doug's Sporty, used to be Dennis' Sporty and it was Ralph's Sporty before that. Either way, I started the build with Dennis and it looks like I'll be finishing the build with Doug. I bent all the tubing for the frame on a bumper hitch ball, before I had my bender, took a couple shots but we got it right. Now you can see I made the oil tank mount out of some Honda CB 750 connecting rods. Going to try and have this one done in time for the "Hippykiller Hoedown ll"in April. Probably won't be all painted and detailed but hopefully running for the summer.
That's Doug on his 79 Goldwing, so you can see he really needs this Sporty. I'll be running a constant log on this build up as soon as I get it on the rack again, maybe next week. Slim's already made a bad ass tank for it, gonna be a looker.

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