Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Been messing with some paint work on this beast, referred to as my Clark as "The Freakshow". It was a little difficult on the tank because nothing would stick to it. I did the normal sanding and blocking thing and then tried to layout some flames with 7 buck a roll 1/8 3M tape and as soon as I'd try to bend the tape it would just fall off....
So I tried cleaning it with a lot of different things, Pre Cleano, bug remover, lacquer thinner, Windex, etc. Whatever I used it always had a light coating of something on it that I could not remove. So I got out the BULLDOG adhesion promoter and put a few coats of that on. You would think the tape would stick to that, but alas, no go.
I wanted to lay down a few licks of flames to put my "Infidel" vinyl on top of, but that wasn't happening. So instead I laid my vinyl down on top of the bulldog....still no good. I managed to get it off the backing and onto the tank but it definitely was not going to stay on.
So I decided to freehand some flamage over the vinyl and use it as a template. After I sprayed all the colors over the vinyl I pulled it off and VOI LA', the masterpiece you see before you, well my masterpiece anyway, it's the first time I ever tried to freehand something that looks like fire, sorta.
Anyway, it's colorful and gets the point across so I'm calling it done. It was weird when I was laying down the top coat the tank seemed to soak it up. I put whole Dixie cup worth of clear on the one side of the tank alone. I have no idea if it's going to stick, so I'll wait till I color sand and buff it to see if it holds before I do the other side of the tank. Crossing my fingers....